The Reading SEN scheme was originally envisaged as a £4.75M standalone special school, however, due to a major problem that the initial site identified was found to contain ancient woodland, an alternative site needed to be found. The solution resulted in a special school being built, with an office block and training areas above to house education related facilities.

Specific features of this scheme included:

  • Special school facility.
  • Air tightness of less than 3m³/hour/m².
  • Integrated office and training facility.
  • Fully funded from mixed income streams including identification and sale of surplus land.
  • Scheme awarded a BREEAM Excellent.
  • Sustainable construction including ground source heating, photovoltaic panels and wind turbines.
  • Complex highway adjustments.
  • Building adjacent to an existing sport complex.
  • Demolition of existing facilities.
  • Collaborative working with all parties under the PPC 2000 contract.
  • Integrated design team appointed by the contractor but all working to the common goals of the project.
  • Operation of detailed risk registers and associated allocation of risk.
  • Integrated data and telecommunications by framework provider.
  • Scheme delivered under budget.
Reading SEN

Reading Borough Council

Reading SEN

£17.7 million

Quantity Surveyor

PPC 2000

18 months

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