Worried about your Grant Funded Project during these challenging times? We’re here to help! Take a look at the information below to see how we can help your Trust, Community or Voluntary Group…

As a practice that provides professional services to many heritage, arts, ecclesiastical and community based projects we are constantly looking at risk and how to mitigate against it. However, not many of us would have considered the spread of a global virus and it’s socio – economic impacts as a key risk a few months ago!

Many of our clients are voluntary groups, charitable trusts, and other organisations which rely heavily on Trustees and volunteers. These are the heritage heroes that will be more affected, and potentially more likely to be in isolation. This is likely to delay projects, and your ability to deal with issues. We want to help support your Trust to keep the wheels turning on your projects and deal with the fallout from delay, disruption or cancellation.

We are all living through these unprecedented and rapidly changing times and we want to make sure Greenwood Projects are doing our bit both through your development and delivery phases. Project cashflows are likely to be affected due to the inability of grantees to make timely claims as a result of quarantine, self-isolation and illness. As with all other sectors across the economy, cashflow is critical. If drawdowns are not made in line with project cashflow, the ability to pay the wealth of direct staff, smaller consultancy businesses and contractors is lost. This will have significant detrimental impacts for now and in the future. We know that many projects are often delivered by smaller organisations that don’t sit on large cash reserves and need to draw down funding in a timely and systematic manner to keep the project on track and not to be exposed to a number of consequential impacts further down the line.

Therefore, we would like to offer all necessary support to our Clients should there be any difficulties in administering the processing and drawdown of funds. As far as we are able, we are willing to step in to assist and provide temporary cover for your own reduction in capacity with staff absence. It may be that we need to contact funders on your behalf to release a payment and / or collate all current project information and submit a claim and progress report. We don’t want to see projects failing, the experience and knowledge of the consultant network disappear and ultimately resilient arts and heritage organisations at risk of not realising their plans for growth.

We are offering FREE, pro-bono support at this difficult time. We want to help as much as we can to keep your funding going, prevent delay, cost and legal problems that may arise. We hope by doing this, it will reduce stress and anxiety on your trustees and volunteers.
Existing projects and Clients will be prioritised, but we are happy to help others if we have the capacity to do so.
Please contact us (details below) if can be of help. We really do want to do our bit at this difficult time and support our Clients and communities as best we can.

Dave Crump
Managing Director

Contact Details
Elanor Hazlehurst: elanor.hazlehurst@greenwoodprojects.com
Jeremy Stone: jeremy.stone@greenwoodprojects.com
Nicola Dyer: nicola.dyer@greenwoodprojects.com
01543 414777

Funding Body updates can be found here:
National Lottery Heritage Fund (NLHF): https://www.heritagefund.org.uk/news/coronavirus-update
Arts Council: https://www.artscouncil.org.uk/covid19
NVCO: https://www.ncvo.org.uk/practical-support/information/coronavirus

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