At Greenwood Projects the health, wellbeing and safety of our staff as well as our clients and colleagues is extremely important to us. As the situation continues to develop we wanted to write to you and offer our reassurance that we are doing everything we can to minimise the risks from Coronavirus (COVID-19).

In the coming weeks it is inevitable that some activity may be affected, however we are confident that our approach will keep disruption to a minimum and we will be able to maintain our services whilst following all Government guidance. Any staff who are ill are staying at home at the first sign of any symptoms.

We are facilitating home working where possible but will maintain a presence in the office to ensure business continuity and communications. We have asked staff to keep face-to-face meetings to a minimum and replace with teleconference and phone calls in the first instance so please don’t be offended if you are asked to rearrange a meeting or manage it in this way, we are trying to protect as many people as possible by doing this. We anticipate continuing to do site visits, walk arounds and valuations as normal, but avoid internal meetings/close contact.
We want to reassure you that all our staff are contactable via mobile phone or email (excluding those who are unwell) and our offices will continue to be fully operational supporting our teams that are working from home.

Your projects and operations are hugely important to us. We remain committed to supporting you and responding to your needs throughout this period, keeping projects both underway and the planning stages on track.

Please feel free to contact me personally on any matter which might arise regarding your projects, if you are unable to access your usual contact. In the event that I am unavailable or ill, any of my co-directors will help. Click here for contact details.

We wish you, your colleagues and your families well during this difficult and uncertain time. Let’s stick together and support each other as best we can and hopefully keep the wheels turning.

Dave Crump
Managing Director

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